About Us

ACAD offers Architecture and Engineering Servies for residential, Commercial, and Institutional applications.  

Specialists in Modular Container conversion buildings, Wheeled Fleet Units, Remote Living Complexes, and more. 

Offering a turn-key and off the shelf Modular structure solutions for several applications utilizing shipping containers and our 10' x 1-' collapsable Pod Structures.

Our professional journey has lead us to develop our unique portfolio. Some of the most notable projects being the collapsable low-cost structures for disaster area relief.

ACAD has been working with non-profit organizations on developing and taking this vision to the next level.  

Our office is located in the Metro Toronto area of Brampton, Ontario.

We currently serve the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario  

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Container Cottage Development - Coming Soon!


Container Resort Rooms - Coming Soon!


Mobile Screening and First Aid Rooms - Coming Soon!